Dream On Me in cooperation with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is recalling its Happy Swing II, Model 432 because CPSC testing shows the opening between the tray and seat or the grab bar and seat can allow a child’s body to pass through and become entrapped at the neck, posing a strangulation hazard to young children if the belt is not engaged. Please stop using the swing immediately. While there have been no incidents with the swing reported, Dream On Me is taking this action to prevent future incidents.

Dream On Me is offering you a choice of (1) a replacement infant swing (Model 259) available December 1, 2012 or (2) a walker (Model 411) without charge. To receive your replacement product please do the following:

1. Destroy the recalled product: Make your recalled swing unusable by completely removing the seat from the frame of the swing and cutting the seat in half with a pair of scissors.

2. Email proof of destruction to Dream On Me: Take a picture of the unusable swing including the “law tag” from the back of the swing, which shows Dream On Me’s name and model/style number of the recalled swing. Send the picture(s) to [email protected] . Include your name, address and telephone number in the email as well as state whether you wish to receive swing Model 259 or walker Model 411 and in which color.

3. Receive replacement product: Upon receipt of the requested documentation, Dream On Me will ship you your selected replacement product.

The Happy Swing II, Model 432 frame and seat should not be returned to the manufacturer or retailer. After making the swing unusable you can dispose of it with your household trash. Please do not attempt to sell, re-sell or donate the recalled swing as we do not want a child to be injured and it is against the law to resell a recalled product.

For additional information on this recall please email  [email protected]  or call +1 (732) 366-1788.